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Monterey Surf is dedicated to providing opportunities for youth soccer players in Monterey and the surrounding areas to learn, develop, and compete at a high level. Joining Monterey Surf means your child will receive the Best of the Best coaching, facilities, and opportunities that will help them reach their full potential on and off the field. 

Tryouts are OPEN for 2006-2018 Boys AND Girls teams.

Register for an evaluation TODAY!


  • Evaluations are open to anyone interested in joining Surf!


  • Register via the link below.
  • Surf staff will follow up after registration.
  • Players will receive information on their age group and set up a time for their evaluation.
  • Official team invitations will be sent out after the evaluation.


  • Tryout window is open May 13th for younger age groups and May 20th for older age groups.


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